West Fargo, ND Camper Van Rentals


We have three camper vans ready for you to rent! A two person, a three person, and a five person! Choose either van, look at the photos, and view available dates where you can book instantly online. Pickup and dropoff at our facility in West Fargo, ND. 

"Van Diesel"

"Vanny DeVito"


Includes Everything You Need

Pick-up & Drop-off 
In West Fargo, ND @ Vanna Adventure Vans. Check in is around 45 minutes and includes signing the waiver, getting copies of your ID, giving you your printed insurance and booking, a van tutorial and orientation, and you are off on your adventure. 

Bedding & Pillows
Four pillows, sheets, and quilt all provided clean for you! Just like a mobile hotel. 

Cooking Essentials
Pots, pans, kettle, spatula, and more! 

Eating Utensils
Plates, bowls, cups, and silverware, all provided! 

Towels for Showers
Towels provided with your rental! Enjoy a hot shower in our custom tiled shower. 

Toilet Essentials 
All vans equipped with Laveo Dry Flush toilet with toilet paper provided. 

Cleaning Supplies
Dish soap, small broom and dustpan, as well as paper towels!

150 miles per day allotment, $0.50/mile after that.
Pay miles ahead of time for $0.35/mile.
No mileage limit for how far you can go. 

It's Time For An Escape

Now you can experience van life.
Getaway from the noise and the ordinary. 
Adventure anywhere near or far in a tiny home on wheels.

Professionally converted and built by Vanna Adventure Vans in West Fargo, ND. Featuring off grid power systems, four season air heater, and on demand hot water heater for full off-grid use all winter long. 

Fully Off-Grid Power (No Hookups Necessary)
Truly Four-season heat (rated for -20F)

Solar Powered + Lithium Battery Bank
Vanna camper vans have Victron Energy off grid power systems with lithium ion battery bank with MPPT & Solar Charging. No power hookups necessary. 

Stay Anywhere 
Any camp site in your city, state, or national parks. Rest stops, truck stops, parking lots, or somewhere remote. Vanna camper vans allow you to have a fully functional tiny-home on wheels without needing to hookup to power or water. 

Use All Winter Long 
Winter camping just became glamping with a Vanna camper van. Heavy insulation, combined with the Airtronic heater keeps you cozy all in temperatures.